HPC Challenge Benchmark Record

System Information
Affiliation:   Army Research Laboratory   URL:  
Location:   USA   System Use:   Government
System Manufacturer:   Linux Networx   System Name:   Powell
Interconnect Manufacturer:   Myricom   Interconnect Type:   Myrinet2000 with PCIX Series D interfaces
Operating System:   Linux kernel 2.4.21   MPI:   MPICH-GM 1.2.5..10
MPI Wtick:     BLAS:   BLAS 3.0.3
Language:   C   Compiler:  
Compiler Flags:     Processor Type:   Intel Xeon
Processor Speed:   3.066 GHz   Total Processors:   256
Processors Entered:   256   Processors determined:   256
Cores per chip:     HPL Processes:   256
MPI Processes:   256   Threads Entered:   1
Threads determined:   1   FLOPs per cycle:   2
Theoretical peak:   3.139584 TFlop/s   Total memory:   GiB
FFT library:    

HPL:   1.03027 Tflop/s   HPL time:   2622.35
HPL eps:   1.110223e-16   HPL Rnorm1:  
HPL Anorm1:     HPL AnormI:  
HPL Xnorm1:     HPL XnormI:  
HPL N:   159432   HPL NB:   104
HPL NProw:   16   HPL NPcol:   16
HPL depth:   0   HPL NBdiv:   2
HPL NBmin:   2   HPL CPfact:   L
HPL CRfact:   L   HPL CPtop:   0
HPL order:   R
HPL dMach EPS:     HPL sMach EPS:  
HPL dMach sfMin:     HPL sMach sfMin:  
HPL dMach Base:     HPL sMach Base:  
HPL dMach Prec:     HPL sMach Prec:  
HPL dMach mLen:     HPL sMach mLen:  
HPL dMach Rnd:     HPL sMach Rnd:  
HPL dMach eMin:     HPL sMach eMin:  
HPL dMach rMin:     HPL sMach rMin:  
HPL dMach eMax:     HPL sMach eMax:  
HPL dMach rMax:     HPL sMach rMax:  
dweps:     sweps:  

PTRANS:   3.11343 GB/s   PTRANS time:   16.33 seconds
PTRANS residual:   0   PTRANS N:   79716
PTRANS NB:   104   PTRANS NProw:   16
PTRANS NPcol:   16

S-STREAM Copy:   1.33169 GB/s   S-STREAM Scale:   1.32118 GB/s
S-STREAM Add:   1.63931 GB/s   S-STREAM Triad:   1.64465 GB/s
EP-STREAM Copy:   0.630658 GB/s   EP-STREAM Scale:   0.639237 GB/s
EP-STREAM Add:   0.771685 GB/s   EP-STREAM Triad:   0.774223 GB/s
STREAM Vector Size:   33097086   STREAM Threads:   1

S-RandomAccess:   0.00461185 Gup/s   EP-RandomAccess:   0.0026128 Gup/s
G-RandomAccess:   Gup/s   G-RandomAccess N:   17179869184
G-RandomAccess time:   222.687979 seconds   G-RandomAccess Check Time:   1323.539485 seconds
G-RandomAccess Errors:   0   G-RandomAccess Errors Fraction:   0
G-RandomAccess TimeBound:     G-RandomAccess ExeUpdates:  
RandomAccess N:   67108864

S-FFT:   GFlop/s   EP-FFT:   GFlop/s
MPIFFT:   GFlop/s   MPIFFT N:  
MPIFFT Max Error:     MPIFFT time0:   seconds
MPIFFT time1:   seconds   MPIFFT time2:   seconds
MPIFFT time3:   seconds   MPIFFT time4:   seconds
MPIFFT time5:   seconds   MPIFFT time6:   seconds
FFTEnblk:     FFTEnp:  

S-DGEMM:   GFlop/s   EP-DGEMM:   GFlop/s

RandomRing Latency/Bandwidth
RandomRing Latency:   22.2694 usec   RandomRing Bandwidth:   0.032665 GB/s

NaturalRing Latency/Bandwidth
NaturalRing Latency:   21.994 usec   NaturalRing Bandwidth:   0.0536021 GB/s

PingPong Latency/Bandwidth
Maximum PingPong Latency:   21.5054 usec   Maximum PingPong Bandwidth:   0.242807 GB/s
Minimum PingPong Latency:   6.89 usec   Minimum PingPong Bandwidth:   0.241052 GB/s
Average PingPong Latency:   7.773 usec   Average PingPong Bandwidth:   0.24247 GB/s

Size of Data Types
char:   byte     short:   bytes
int:   bytes   long:   bytes
void ptr:   bytes   float:   bytes
double:   bytes   size t:   bytes
s64Int:   bytes   u64Int:   bytes

M OpenMP:     OpenMP Num Threads:  
OpenMP Num Procs:     OpenMP Max Threads:  

MemProc:     MemSpec:  


Version: 0.3.0.a - Run Type: base
Created: 2004-02-02 - Exported: Thu Jun 23 15:55:34 2022
HPC Challenge Benchmark Record