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Additional Guidance on HPC Challenge Class 2 Award
  1. There is $1500 available for the award, but we reserve the right to split the amount amongst 1, 2, or 3 winners.

  2. The award is judged on a report, the implemented code, the performance results obtained, and the presentation at the HPC Challenge Award BOF at SC|05.

  3. Additional guidance on the Class 2 submissions:

    • A minimum of three of the benchmark components from the Class 1 benchmarks are required (there are four; Global HPL, EP STREAM (Triad), Global FFT, and Global RandomAccess) and additional benchmark components will add value to the submission.
    • Performance results from a run on a real system will be given more weight in the evaluation, but simulated and/or projected results may be considered with sufficient explanation.

  4. For the report we expect a short description of the implementation, the performance achieved, lines-of-code, and the actual source code used. More specifically the short description may include:

    • Explanation of why the implementation should be considered for the award.
    • Identify specific benchmarks implemented and run.
    • Code size measured with source lines of code (see: http://icl.cs.utk.edu/projectsfiles/hpcc/download/sclc.pl) or equivalent.
    • Identify and explain any differences with the official HPC Challenge v1.0 benchmark.
    • Description of implementation environment, language, and tools used.
    • Identify all relevant libraries used.
    • Description of the system the benchmark was run on.
    • Description of problem sizes of run.
    • Performance relative to reference HPC Challenge benchmark.
    • Discussion of the effort and expertise required to implement and run the benchmark.
    • References to additional supporting data on the environment used for the implementation.

Updated: September 17, 2006
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